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I obtained my inspiration 

From the Cauldron of Cerridwen
- Hanes Taliesin

Cerridwen, the "White Sow", is the revered Crone Goddess - She who is the Dark of the Moon, into whose Cauldron we must enter to be reborn.  She is the Washer at the Ford, the Dark Hag, the Cailleach.  Those who do not understand Her regenerative nature, fear Her.  Yet, from Her comes Awen - Inspiration.
The Great Bard Taliesin received his gift though a period of testing by this aspect of the Goddess.  Once a serving boy named Gwion, he stole three drops of a brew Cerridwen was making for Her son, Avagdu.  With this brew, came all Knowledge, and knowing She would punish him, he ran from the angry Goddess.  A pursuit filled with shape-changing insued, until finally Gwion became a piece of grain and hid himself on the thrashing room floor. Cerridwen changed Herself into a hen, and ate the grain until she had consumed Gwion.  Nine months later, Taliesin the Bard emerged from Her Womb, and She cast him out to sea on Samhain, where he was found in a Salmon weir.  

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